Screw mazes

SMG2 Status: 241 stars. And the last one is royally p*ssing me off.

Thus I wanted to play some other game. Lonely in my GC games shelf was Sonic Adventure DX Directors Cut. It was the only game where I had to cheat to play this game through. Stupid Super Sonic eating rings while being super.

So I breezed through the first stages until IT. IT's a royal b*tch and can go die in a f**ing fire. Sadly IT does appear in the majority of the games and is just plain stupid. And if you get no clues, IT is five times the sh*t.

a) Powering off the game
b) Mazes, as you stated in the post title
c) Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis on Taumata­whakatangihanga­koauau­otamatea­turi­pukakapiki­maunga­horo­nuku­pokai­whenua­kitanatahu

Obviously b) is right. If you guessed right, get a imiganiry cookie on the imaginary plate on the imaginary shelf over there.

Seriously, mazes are most of the times just stretching the time needed to play a game through. I have absolutly no idea and run in circles, until I find that you have to JUMP AGAINST A DAMN TREE TO PROCEED. WHAT THE FRIKKIN' HELL.

What's your opinion on mazes? Love 'em, hate them, burn those b*tches in a freaking fire?

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/me needs maps for mazes.

I want this freaking cake - Follow-Up

You have been discussing it with 3 epic comments. w00t, you guys rock!

So what'S this about, you ask? I posted a post about Mario Stories few days ago and wanted you to say your opinion. And here are the results:

aleksgospodinov Well the Mario stories were always easy to predict,but you should add this to the steps.

3.Waste time helping everyone you can find.

What?That's the feeling i had when i was playing Super Mario Sunshine,Paper Mario and the list goes on......

You forgot an important thing, you get power stars instead from them :D But well yeah, sometimes it just idiotic, especially in Paper Mario - "lol let's go shopping oh a help board I will do everything on it before rescuing the b*tch lololol"

MessengerOfYahweh That nail hurts from you hitting it on the head. ;)

Tell him I'm sorry, but I'll try to hit him as often as I can.

Hyper Sonic Yeh,I hope that one day Mario will defeat Bowser only for money and not for the princess

So you say Mario should go like "Screw the woman, get the money and buy another one"?
That's nice, good idea. But you seem to mix up Mario with Wario. Seriously, though it'S always the same, Princesses need to be rescued or else Kingdom = BOOM.

And I got some mails stating the writers enjoyed my little japanese lesson. Thus I give you three more japanese insults. Have fun!
baka - idiot
Kusu o taberu na! - Eat f***ing sh*t!
ookiosewada - up yours
Tune in next week when I tell you how to tell someone they just got sh*t in their f***ing head and shout p*ss off an never ever f***ing get near you on japanese.

Also, got 208 stars in SMG 2. Just a "few" left to rescue the princess with FULL STAR POWAH *flies off*

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I'm hungry again because of the post title.

ohcrapohcrap gotta type quick

6 PM, gotta go offa the computer... OH CRAP FORGOT THE DAILY BLOG POST

Okay, got 186 SMG2 Stars, and Bomberman 2 is wasum. The Singleplayer Mode is no "lolol minigame party lolol" - IT'S TEH FRIKKIN BOMBERMAN
And hell, it's only 10€. Me loves teh great cheap games.

And this is the end of my quick blog post. I'll try to make the next one longer instead, alright?

And now a lolpic to make this look bigger.

Also, last day to comment on the Mario Discussion. Now I gotta go off before my Mother kills me.

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In Kirby Epic Yarn, Kirby doesn't suck. *rimshot*

I love hard games.

YESSSSS. Played through Hatsworth, perfected Zone 1 of BIT.TRIP RUNNER and got 162 stars in SMG 2.
There is one thing, the first two games share, and the third one has... sometimes.


Henry Hatsworth's final boss has like 5 attacks which INSTANT KILL YOU. BIT.TRIP RUNNER is spamming flying sh*tballs of doom. And SMG2 got a certain galaxy which p***es off so much people I don't even.

But I like that.
I like hard games. Well, hard, but not unfair. Think Kaizo Mario World - this crap was so unfair it definely fits it's name (kaizo is the japanese name for a**hole. See, now you can insult people without them knowing. This blog is eductional). If you want a hard thing, don't be illegal and download a SMW ROM and play this. Seriously, this is so unfair it's not even fun.

Today's shop tip: Get Hatsworth and BIT.TRIP. Together they are just 28€ (around 35$) and they are hard. And fun. Damn, you should get Hatsworth already because of it's "Tea Time" and BIT.TRIP RUNNER is worth buying just because of the flying sh*tballs of doom.

Also, what's your usual action when playing through a game? Mine's buying a new one. So when you see a "Suyo" in Bomberman 2 online, please don't pwn me too hard :)

Also, Mario Discussion still running. Remember it. kthxbai.

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I wonder if there's anyone I can play Bomberman with.

I really dunno.

SMG2 Daily Update (screw the Galaxy Log):
Got the 120 normal stars 8D Now to defeat Bowser and get thoooose staaaars....

Sitting here in school. Staring 5 minutes at the blank text area. And no ideas.
I asked classmates about what to write. They said stuff you never want to know of.

Ideas, where are you? You always appear when I want to sleep, I lol a bit, then another one comes, I lol and so on. Maybe I don't get an idea because I couldn't sleep this night because of this.

I would talk about stuff happening to me, but since I'm playing SMG2 24/7 (I'm even bringing my Wii to school, sadlywe have no TVs here) all the events which happened lately were ignored by me.

Except the World Cup.

So I watched Germany vs. Australia. Other than YOU GOT PWNED AUSTRALIANS LOLOLOLOL I can say the red card for Cahill (AUS) was pure overreaction. He also tried to pull his leg away before the collision, so eh. Also, Cacau's (GER) dive, when it was 4:0 for GER - makes you wonder how much brain is left in his head after hitting so mach balls with it. But hey, at least he now has the record for the fastest goal after being changed in. 118 seconds something if I remember correctly.

And yesterday there was Italia vs. Paraguay. Italia almost got freaking pwned - I wish Paraguay shot one more goal, cause I really wanted Italia to get it's a** kicked. dat's wut u get for kikin out teh germanee in 2006. Durrrrr.

Also, the dicussion in the last post is still running! Discuss here until Friday, when I post a Follow-Up on this discussion. Get rocking!

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Stone Cyclone Galaxy is a b*tch.

I want this freaking cake (DISCUSSION)

Sorry for the week-end's post-less-ness, but I was busy with a certain game. I got 102 stars already 8D
Right after the start, we find the intro. I'm hoping there's something nice new in the story - but you know: Mario games are so predictable, and it's the same in SMG2.
1. Peach writes letter saing she haz got teh cakez
2. Bowser attacks princess-naps Peach
3. Mario goes to rescue her
4. They eat cake
5. Mario goes home
6. Repeat from 1

Some may say this is boring crap, some don't give a sh*t about the story. I think I'm the latter, but still, I would like something new now and then. What about something like the Paper Mario story, but in the Jump 'n' Runs? I'm not feeling something like "I gotta find the princess!" like in SM64, by now it's just "screw the princess just let me clear the game".

What's your opinion on this? Discuss in the comments!

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Waiting for the challenge on
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