Cleaning out our shelf with old manuals

We have come a long way.

So here's my plan

In the last few classes in Bavaria, your timetable is like swiss cheese - holes everywhere. To use them productively, I'm now thinking about doing a club on my school.

Basically, Minecraft.

Have you ever heard of the Minecraft Teacher? No? Google him, right now.
He's a teacher in New York, and brought Minecraft to his students. You can read a ton of nice stories on his blog. So, what should stop me from trying this over here?

Well, first, I don't know any teacher playing Minecraft. But there are enough students. MORE than enough.

I'll keep you updated or something. I guess.

111 posts.

Just sayin'.

In other news, so I did my Nixon presentation today. Went pretty good. I built in some last-minute facts, like I always do, and managed to stretch it to 8 minutes.
It's a bad habit, but it FUCKING WORKS

In more other news, there's going to be some insane shit in November and December. 2 test every week. Holy crap I will SO go down. D:

And here we go again

Almost forgot to post today. Not because I am lazy, but because of this sexy beast.


Anyways, I have to do a presentation about Nixon tomorrow. 10 minutes. The problem: I can hardly push it past 6 minutes. I should really research some more and see if I find some more little bits...

...naaaaw. bbl, trippin' some bits


holy shit it has happened.
I'm once more trying to revive this thing. Maybe I can get back to daily posting? Maybe. Will someone actually read this? Maybe. Will I ever get off my lazy ass to make more comics? Maybe.

Let's start off with cehcking my holiday list. What did I want to do?

- Finish Super Meat Boy (get 106%)
I actually did it! Golden God is mine! :D God I feel so awesome
- Buy PSP & game I hinted at (hint: it was Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA)
YES AND IT'S FUCKING AWWESSOMEE. Might write a review or something.
- Buy a new handy [my current one is old as shit]
NOT done. Too lazy, too much stuff to play and code.
- Buy a new (computer) mouse done
- Replace one wall in my room with a pinboard
Half done. Not a new pinboard, BUT A WHITEBOARD. YAAAAAAAY.
- Finish the engine of my flash shooting game thingy already done

So that's it for today already. Keeping some topics for later.

Oh, one last thing, if you feel like being awesome, HALP MEH kthxbai
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