... *poke*

*pokes again*

Seems like this blog is dead (except for the comics). Time to revive.

Yeah, I'm currently ill. The entire familiy has fever. Nope, no dance fever, night fever ot BIT.TRIP fever, I mean the fever which is a freaking a**hole and give you headache, throatache and everywhere-ache.

But apart from that, school is crap. Yeah, it begun again, and the only thing I like is the 2nd and 3rd lesson on Monday. Computer science. YEEEEEAH
We already got a neat task. Make a random website. While everyone else just used <b>, <i>, <blink> and that sh*t, I did something different. Observe. (seizure warning btw)

[COMIC] Game Making

I really should write here again, not just post comics.

And that, ladies and gents, is my hobby.
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