Heh, I'm on the Wii again because my father's computer sucks.
Today I heard quite some nice quotes, so enjoy the following list:

"When in doubt, C4."
"Destruction is good for the soul."
"Can you hear me?" - "No." - "AND NOW!?"
"d-(^_^)-b" - "How do you type that wrong-way-around D? ... wait, nevermind"
"I do not THINK I'm a god. I AM a god!"

Thanks for reading. Now get out.


Worked a bit on it again and fixed some bugs. Here's a Engine Test.

Download: http://www.mediafire.com/?zu26czw0wnq2vc0
Play it online. Might work on Mac... maybe. http://www.g-java.com/gmbed/2.0/getgame ... 3embed.exe

Arrow Keys - Move, Jump, Duck (To Do: WASD)
Mouse - Move Luma, collect star bits
Left Click - Make Luma spin (does not serve a purpose yet), (de-)activate blue stars
Right Click - Spawn meteors (debug function. Will obviously be removed)
R - Reset Mario to start position (Hint: If he falls off-screen, he will reappear at the start)
M - (De-)Activate auto metor spawning (rate is too high, will be lower in final game)

I started working on the round planets, but these are not accessible here.


Guess what. I wanted someone else to post it this time before midnight, and what happens? Yep. He forgets it. I better delete that from my list because it seems impossible.


Yay, I found a MM8BDM server ^^ It seemed empty... me and my friend go into it and shoot the eff out of the Mega Men. But what happens? Suddenly 3 prro gamers jump in and team up against us.

At the end: Me - 1 frag. My friend - no frags. Opponents - each at least 10.

Gawd, we got pwned so much. I thought the previous game was worse, where it was me and Usuario and 3 others (not teamed up). But heh, I did pretty good in the last match. 3rd place with 6 frags, 2nd had 7.

1st had 16 frags.

Yay for crappy routers

I found a game called Mega Man 8-bit Death Match today. Basically Doom with Mega Man. Singleplayer was boring, so I tried setting up a server. But the router seems to be against me.

NAT -> Port Forward
Port 10666 > Port 10666

Firewall -> Exceptions
Port 10666

Well, that's what I did for Teeworlds too. Teeworlds works. MM8bDM - not.
I tried running the server on my webserver, it took half an hour to copy everything over...
..."not enough RAM".


BIT.TRIP fangame

This was going to be yesterdays psot. I asked someone to post it for me exactly 11:57 PM german time for effect :O
But he forgot it... great. So this is yesterday's post. Later I'll do today's post.


So what could I do offline? I started the basics for a BIT.TRIP fangame... ever played BIT.TRIP or watched a video? It's a 3D Background with 2D gameplay and epic effects. And it took me ages to get the 3D working.

Look around with your mouse. Windows only :(

In the final game, you'll be contrlling a snake who has to deflect Beats in the rythm of the music, while the BG automatically moves. Also leet effects.


Screwing around with effects

I've been toying around with the effects of GIMP today. There are quite some nice ones. After like 15 pictures, I made this one I'd like to share:

I kinda like it. The effects look pretty awesome on this picture. That's not your regular Mega Man bullet anymore. :O

While on the topic of Mega Man

Finally killed Sheep Man. I saved two E Tanks for him, but ended up not using them and surviving with 2 HP left :O Now on to Pump Man, who's place #3 in my MM10 Robot Master Dumba** rating...

i LISTENING TO: Impetus - Gaijin Games
NOW DOING: Eating. It's dinner time, mah boi.
NOW PLAYING: Take a wild guess.

Is Mega Man counting Sheep Men if he wants to sleep?

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