So, what the hell is this?

Welcome to Suyo's Cat Blog - also known as my last attempt for a blog that doesn't die after 3 weeks derpderp.

1. What the freaking sh*t is a cat blog?
Great question. A cat blog is a blog with personal content. Like "here's a pic of my cat" - and that's where the name derives from.

2. So what have you snorted to do this?
Nice question. I recently felt to tell the others what I feel about events happening, like the Oil Desaster and that stuff, and Twitter's 130-letter-limit is sh*t. So yeah.

3. What's that blue box at the bottom?
Incredible question. In this box, I will show you what I'm doing this day. I'm trying to post daily, and thus, you will be updated all the time.

And that's it for now. Follow the blog or comment frequently to join the list of awesome people, thank you.

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NOW DOING: relaxing. I just came back from a 6-hour car trip D:
NOW PLAYING: Super Mario Galaxy 1. I never got 9999 Star bits, so time to do this.
BitDefender freaking sucks.
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