Holidays Follow-Up

  • Finish a Wii Homebrew I announced ages ago
NOT DONE. Not a single line written.
  • Get a new pet (Bunny or Guinea Pig, can't decide)
Mother is against this.
  • Rescue the Princess
Was bored and played SMG2 again.
  • Watch a movie so crappy it's good
Super Mario Brothers. Well, it's crappy, okay.
  • Clean my room
I finally found the diarrhea dump of a buffalo again. Also known as Monsters Inc.: Monster Ball. Urk.
  • Take a shower
Not only one.
  • Buy Mega Man 10
  • Defeat a Robot Master in Mega Man 10
  • Beat Mega Man 10
Even on Hard Mode. I felt awesome when I did this.
  • Clear all challenges in Mega Man 10
Only Weapons Archive on Hard was left.
  • Master all challenges in Mega Man 10
-> Defeat all bosses without taking damage and only use Mega Buster
  • Post daily
  • Post at least one time at 11 PM german time
Yeah, I asked two people to do this, but they forgot :I

And now I'm off. I'll be BIT.TRIPing again, starting with BEAT.

[COMIC] Tetris

What, a entire week without posts? Meh.

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