[COMIC] Black Hole

Yes, this horrible abomination which is calling itself "comic" is nwo older than 10 weeks. Yaaay.

And now, ladies and gentlemen

1) I plan every comic on white paper. And this time you get to see it.
Sketch #10 - Black Hole
Also you see why I don't use these as the real comic. By ruler is way to small for my hands, resulting in bumps >_<

2) There's this one utility called IOGraph which records all your mouse movements. And I recorded it.
Without desktop - With desktop
You can see I started Winamp in the middle of drawing. Also that I tuned up the volume when my favorite song came up (Blackout City <3)
It took me 58.3 minutes to draw this comic - according to IOGraph.

And that's it. Get out.
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