Yeah, this blog will be dead until Tuesday. I'm driving to Leverkusen (near Cologne) to visit my grandparents.
As soon I come back expect a MM10 and Sonic Status update, and maybe also a picture of me. omg.

Yeah, you see, followers of this blog can have some little advantages over non-followers. So, see you then.

Is this a post? OH MY GOD

Yeah, I've been kept busy lately. Coding my own forum system, Mega Man 10, Sonic and the Black Knight and packing my bags. SO IT'S TIME FOR LAST FEW DAYS SUM-UPTM

Mega Man 10

Sonic and the Black Knight
Yeah, I orginally bought it to play this on our drive (YES, I play Wii while driving in a car. DEAL WITH IT). Meh, I played it at home... and played it through. Holy sh*t, this was shorter than I expected, but awesome. Speed? Check. Awesome Graphics? Check. Replay Value? Check. I still have to get 5-star-ratings on all levels... :/

suyoBB (Forum System)
Check it out for yourself :O

Yeah, that's it.

#9 - Nintendo 3DS

Well yeah, forgot to post the last two days. been kept busy with both MM10 and a Sonic Game. More tomorrow. But for now, COMIC

Experimenting a bit with shading. Do you like it?
Special thanks to Blablob who gave me a tip what to draw :D
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