Yes, I got myself Mega Man 10. And holy sh*t this is AWESOME.

Obviously I began with Easy Mode. Yeah shame on me. Though I got experience with Mega Man, I beat 2-6 just with the Rewind feature of my emulator O_O

Wasn't too bad. Conviently placed platforms everywhere, not much damage. The only stage which royally pissed me off was Wily 3. Classical Spike Shafts. I screwed up a bit and lost two of my three Shock Guards (for non Mega Man nerds: Spikes are instakill. Shock Guards save you from that). Then there's a extremly hard underwater part with low spiked ceiling and I lost 6 lives there. omgwtfbbq.

Right now I'm doing some challenges. 12% done. Weeee.

  • Buy Mega Man 10 (Yeppers)
  • Beat a Robot Master in Mega Man 10 (Sheep Man fell first)
  • Beat Mega Man 10 (on Easy)

Holiday Resolutions

  • Finish a Wii Homebrew I announced ages ago
  • Get a new pet (Bunny or Guinea Pig, can't decide)
  • Rescue the Princess
  • Watch a movie so crappy it's good
  • Clean my room
  • Take a shower
  • Buy Mega Man 10
  • Defeat a Robot Master in Mega Man 10
  • Beat Mega Man 10
  • Clear all challenges in Mega Man 10
  • Master all challenges in Mega Man 10
  • Post daily
  • Post at least one time at 11 PM german time Screw this. everyone I asked to do this forgot it.

You see my holidays will be centered around a certain game. I'll post a neat "ACHIEVMENT UNLOCKED" post everytime I finish something. And with that, I'm off. I need 200 more Wii Points.

The final countdown

My sister's blog:
"Morgen letzter Tag Schule vor Ferien! JUCHUU! Endlich FREI!!"

On english: "Tomorrow's last day before holidays! YAY! Finally school's off!"

Yes, it's finally over for Bavaria. Some people already are back to school, and we have just begun. That's Bavaria for you.

Also, imagine a video of a Coke + Mentos fountain (5 meters) here. I wanted to record it, but the cam acted like a idiot and... well. Yeah. It was awesome though.

Short post is short, thus I'm virtually lengthening it. This Sunday's comic will be about MEGA MAAAAAN just to give a hint. Mega Man 3, to be exact.

And if I may use this space to have a final word, let me do that:


Thank you.

German Weather for Starters

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...I just noticed I sound like retarded fag with miserable pronounciation thanks to the crappy cam.

By the way, that's my sis.

[COMIC] Programming Languages

Yes, I know it's crappyly drawn. I don't have much time - gotta prepare the anniversary of Runouw.com, gotta finish my movie for Life in a Day, also schooool. ):

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