Just my 3.14 cents: Project DIVA extend TGS demo

So yeah, time to take a break from raging while trying to perfect all the songs on Hard in PD1. I finally got the TGS demo of Project DIVA extend! 3 songs are available in this demo - Nekomimi Switch, Palette and Rin Rin Signal -Append Mix-, on the Easy and Normal difficulties. I played them, and here's a quick opinion.

Less slowdown, more awesome
On of the first things I noticed is that there's a lot going on on the screen, but PDe keeps cool and keeps running at a smooth framerate. Seems like they rewrote the engine - very awesome! In extend there are easily Rin and Len displayed next to each other and the game still runs well, while PD1 already had a mental breakdown when it had to zoom out (see: Sono Ichibyou Slow Motion or Star Story). It also seems to work fine with RemoteJoy now - PD1 is heavily flickering.
Also, the new Note Types! There are now Hold Notes, and notes where you have to hit both the button and the directional key! Also², some small, but nice new things! I really like how you can display the number of notes you need to hit to get a certain rank, and the little completition gauge in-game. That's it for this part, moving on!

Black Borders, Big Bonuses
There is one thing I really hate about PDe: the new Chance Time. In the PD1 scoring system, you would get massive bonus points for combos: the first note gave you 100 extra points, the second one 200, and so on until 5000 bonus points for each more. This means you need to clear this sequence almost perfectly, as the Chance Time usually decided if you were ranked Standard or Great. The new Chance Time is quite simple: You get bonus points based on how well you hit the notes. So basically, it's just 5 times the points you would usually get.
Now, you could say the new one is better, since now you don't have to hit every single note in the Chance Time to get a Great or Excellent - but in my opinion, the old one is better. It just felt so much more rewarding to me. Also I like raging.

Aaand the other stuff
Apart from the new Chance Time system, PDe looks really awesome and will surely be another awesome game in the series - but I don't have Project DIVA 2nd yet, so I don't know how much extend improved, but I'm going to buy both, anyways. I'm just like that.

The only question is, which do I buy first?

Also daaaaamn Nekomimi Switch is catchy as hell. I don't like it but it's not getting out of my head aaaaaaaaa

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