The Free Stuff Friday Stuff from SEGA arrived!

Soooooo I participated last Friday (F) on SEGA's (S) Twitter at a giveaway called Free Stuff Friday (FSF), and somehow I won. Winning a packet with Free Stuff Friday Stuff (FSFS).

Just now, 1 week later, the Free Stuff Friday Stuff from SEGA (FSFSFS) arrived, and after a little violence it opened, too. (seriously, after the german customs inspection, these guys use so much tape you could throw this thing into a volcano and nothing would happen)

Anyways, Finally Some Free Stuff Friday Stuff from SEGA for showing (FSFSFSFSFS)!

(click to see the full size pic)

I really like the lanyard.
Anyways, this weeks Free Stuff Friday (FSF) has started just now! Go follow SEGA (FS) on Twitter and good luck!!/SEGA
Also, whoever can do the longest FSFSF... combo releating to the Free Stuff Friday in the comments can win something. I still have some unused gifts rotting in my Steam account, so I might give them away...

Also, thanks to Kathryn20000, masterlugia and... well, I guess narrativephotos' tweet counts for this, too - for congratulating me. High Fives for you o/

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