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Suyo's Unbricking Adventure (or: How to fix a Samsung Galaxy S Plus)

[If you are here because someone linked you here in order to unbrick your phone, I'm sorry you found my crappy blog. You may want to skip to the end, where I describe the final process.]

Ohai, long time no see.

So today, I rooted my brand new Samsung Galaxy S Plus I9001. Obviously, I wanted to go beyond - and tried to install a custom ROM. Then I tried to boot again, and ended up with this:

After mashing my head (and the phone) against walls for a bit, I figured I should use Google. The result was not very reassuring, since I just bought this thing 1.5 months ago and voided my warranty moments ago (which wasn't a smart move anyways, I know):

The phone-!-pc, also known as Black Screen of Death. This usually means, your phone is bricked. You may now use it as a door stopper.

Well, I wasn't very happy with this outcome, so the most epic and insane adventure since softmodding my Wii began. I present to you:

First off, I had hope in FeaMod Recovery. It is a replacement for the stock recovery mode, offering additional functions such as fixing permissions and backups. Obviously, I was smart and made a backup before - but no matter how ofter I tried, recovery mode went down the abyss, just like the main system. I sat there for about an hour trying to get there with various tricks, as it is known that entering recovery can be hard - but nothing happened, and my phone laughed at me with it's yellow phone-exclamation mark-pc sign.

Next up was asking the almighty being with unlimited knowledge and a enourmous amount of hints for every possible situation...
...what? No! Not god. Fuck that. I mean the Internet.
Being the idiot I am, I tried Vol+/Vol-/Power to enter Download Mode. The thing is, this is the combination for the Samsung Galaxy S, not the S Plus. Obviously, I didn't notice, and there I sat, thinking I would need to pay for the service by Samsung and live with my old shitty phone for 3 weeks.

Enter: the man who played through VVVVVV with all trinkets in just a week, not even being a hardcore gamer: my father! After getting through "Doing things the hard way" for the third time, he tried searching teh interwebs, and surprise, he found the right button combination! I treated Vol-/Home/Power like the new Konami Code, entered it, and there it was, the Android, smiling at me, and telling me I should not shut that damn phone off while he's fixing the phone for me.
I'm okay with that deal.

3 Googles (and 2 distrubing ads) later, I finally stumble upon a flashing utility for Windows (I had to use my father's laptop as I was not home), which was called "Odin Multi Downloader". After some research on my phone, I quickly gathered all the materials. I started it, eager to see the results.

I sat there for an hour. Nothing happened. The log was quit. The progress bar didn't move.

Did that mean my phone was really bricked? What can I do? Reinstall the drivers?

I started Kies in Admin Mode to do exactly that. Nothing happened.

Rebooting the PC as a last chance - seriously, for some reason Windows fixes itself by just rebooting. Not this time. But when I went to start Kies as Admin again, I hit the Odin link. Thinking it wouldn't do anything, I just left it running in the background, reinstalled the drivers again, and just hoped it would work this time.

It did. I thought it was the second reinstallation though, and it took me some time to realize it could have been Odin in Admin Mode. Heh.

Anyways, that's how I beat the Brick Dragon.

So, here's the Guide:
First, check if you can enter Download Mode on you SGS+. Switch off your phone, hold Home, Vol- and switch your phone on. Hold them all until Mr. Android (yes I call him Mr. Android, shaddup) appears, along with the text "Downloading" and a warning saying you should not switch off the phone. If this works, congratulations, you are not completly fucked over! If this doesn't work though, you might need to use an USB Jig - and if that doesn't work either, only customer support can help you (which is kind of awkward when your phone arrives with rooted stuff and custom ROM).
Now, let's download some stuff! First, a stock ROM (the latest official firmware is the I9001XXKF8, so if you are unsure, use that)! Then, Odin! Last but not least, a fitting ODP! (If you do not have Samsung Kies installed, install it, as it contains the drivers for the phone) Make sure your phone (and, if you use one, laptop) is fully charged and you are ready for science, because that's what happens now.
First, launch Windows' Task Manager and go to the process tab. Kill everything off which starts with "Kies". Now, start Odin, boot your phone into Download Mode and plug it into the USB port of your PC. Odin should recognize it and output a message in the log in the lower left.
On the right, load the ODP file into the ODP slot and the firmware into the PDA slot. After the MD5 was checked, you can start the Flash process. Now, don't touch anything. Leave your fingers off the phone, and stop playing Minesweeper, because if you abort the Flash you could brick your phone for good. Just wait until Odin displays "PASS" - then you are good to go. Have fun with your fixed SGS+!

The Free Stuff Friday Stuff from SEGA arrived!

Soooooo I participated last Friday (F) on SEGA's (S) Twitter at a giveaway called Free Stuff Friday (FSF), and somehow I won. Winning a packet with Free Stuff Friday Stuff (FSFS).

Just now, 1 week later, the Free Stuff Friday Stuff from SEGA (FSFSFS) arrived, and after a little violence it opened, too. (seriously, after the german customs inspection, these guys use so much tape you could throw this thing into a volcano and nothing would happen)

Anyways, Finally Some Free Stuff Friday Stuff from SEGA for showing (FSFSFSFSFS)!

(click to see the full size pic)

I really like the lanyard.
Anyways, this weeks Free Stuff Friday (FSF) has started just now! Go follow SEGA (FS) on Twitter and good luck! http://twitter.com/#!/SEGA
Also, whoever can do the longest FSFSF... combo releating to the Free Stuff Friday in the comments can win something. I still have some unused gifts rotting in my Steam account, so I might give them away...

Also, thanks to Kathryn20000, masterlugia and... well, I guess narrativephotos' tweet counts for this, too - for congratulating me. High Fives for you o/

Just my 3.14 cents: Project DIVA extend TGS demo

So yeah, time to take a break from raging while trying to perfect all the songs on Hard in PD1. I finally got the TGS demo of Project DIVA extend! 3 songs are available in this demo - Nekomimi Switch, Palette and Rin Rin Signal -Append Mix-, on the Easy and Normal difficulties. I played them, and here's a quick opinion.

Less slowdown, more awesome
On of the first things I noticed is that there's a lot going on on the screen, but PDe keeps cool and keeps running at a smooth framerate. Seems like they rewrote the engine - very awesome! In extend there are easily Rin and Len displayed next to each other and the game still runs well, while PD1 already had a mental breakdown when it had to zoom out (see: Sono Ichibyou Slow Motion or Star Story). It also seems to work fine with RemoteJoy now - PD1 is heavily flickering.
Also, the new Note Types! There are now Hold Notes, and notes where you have to hit both the button and the directional key! Also², some small, but nice new things! I really like how you can display the number of notes you need to hit to get a certain rank, and the little completition gauge in-game. That's it for this part, moving on!

Black Borders, Big Bonuses
There is one thing I really hate about PDe: the new Chance Time. In the PD1 scoring system, you would get massive bonus points for combos: the first note gave you 100 extra points, the second one 200, and so on until 5000 bonus points for each more. This means you need to clear this sequence almost perfectly, as the Chance Time usually decided if you were ranked Standard or Great. The new Chance Time is quite simple: You get bonus points based on how well you hit the notes. So basically, it's just 5 times the points you would usually get.
Now, you could say the new one is better, since now you don't have to hit every single note in the Chance Time to get a Great or Excellent - but in my opinion, the old one is better. It just felt so much more rewarding to me. Also I like raging.

Aaand the other stuff
Apart from the new Chance Time system, PDe looks really awesome and will surely be another awesome game in the series - but I don't have Project DIVA 2nd yet, so I don't know how much extend improved, but I'm going to buy both, anyways. I'm just like that.

The only question is, which do I buy first?

Also daaaaamn Nekomimi Switch is catchy as hell. I don't like it but it's not getting out of my head aaaaaaaaa

Celebrating 7 years of Ubuntu! (also... NEW GCG GAME?)

Weeeeeee! Also, I made a category for stuff ariving in the mail now. Check it out by clicking "mail" on the right!

In other news, I'm working on a secret project with someone else. Check it out on the GCG forums!

Look what just arrived in the mail: The Sequel



And suddenly this day became 500% more awesome!

BTW, I would love to see the Grab String implemented.

It's just a temporary death

The Binding of Isaac and Portal 2 DLC came and suddenly no more posts.


And here's Buff and me playing the new Portal 2 Co-Op levels. http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL841467472F44614C

Cleaning out our shelf with old manuals

We have come a long way.

So here's my plan

In the last few classes in Bavaria, your timetable is like swiss cheese - holes everywhere. To use them productively, I'm now thinking about doing a club on my school.

Basically, Minecraft.

Have you ever heard of the Minecraft Teacher? No? Google him, right now.
He's a teacher in New York, and brought Minecraft to his students. You can read a ton of nice stories on his blog. So, what should stop me from trying this over here?

Well, first, I don't know any teacher playing Minecraft. But there are enough students. MORE than enough.

I'll keep you updated or something. I guess.
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